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11 year old 1st Premie Crown mare!!

Folkert 353 x Sape 381

Elysee is our exceptional CROWN mare. She received a very high 80.5 on her IBOP and was Mare Champion out of ~15 mares at her keuring. Every one of her offspring who went to a keuring as an adult, received a ster rating.

Zoey MFR


5.5 year old Friesian mare

Harmen 424 x Tsjerk 328

Dam: Lisette

Zoey is a rare Harmen offspring. Zoey's half brother was invited to the 70 day test in North America. Her dam line is STER, MODEL+PREF*5, STER-PREF*4, STER PREF*4!! PREF is the gold standard for a great breeding mare.

Wietske fan Kamperdijk


13 year old Friesian mare

Hinne 427 x Olof 315

Wietske is a STER mare with exceptionally high breeding scores in movement, including 109 on the trot! Only 5 approved stallions have a higher breeding value for the trot and of those, only 4 have a higher walk length than Wietske (KFPS website, 10/2018).




13 year old Friesian mare

Mintse 384 x Rypke 321

Wobke, confirmed 40 days in foal to Thorben 466, 1ST premie, SPORT Crown Mare for your consideration. Dam line is Ster +Pref *4, Ster + Pref *6 and Pref *7! Preferent is the best testament of what a mare throws!

Trienke H.B.



14 year old Friesian mare

Jasper 366 x Brandus 345

Trienke is a beautiful sweet 3rd premie, studbook mare. Children in our non-profit organization ride her bareback and bitless! She is an experienced, great trail horse and has been ridden dressage as well, for the last 6 months. '

Francesa MFR



3 year old Friesian filly

Andries 415 Sport x Brend 413

Dam: Oedske

1st premie 2 year old filly from a Model mare dam out of the incredible Andries 415!




11 year old Friesian mare

Onne 376 x Folkert 353

2nd premie Ster Mare from Onne 376. Euakje is a great trail horse, very confident and easy. She had 1 foal last year, by Andries 415 Sport. A great breeding and riding mare.

Cassiopeia MFR



4.5 year old Friesian mare

Julius 486 x Folkert 353

Dam: Elysee

Cassie is a 2 year old mare, dam is a Crown mare and sire is Julius 486. Cassie received a high 2nd premie at her foal keuring. Dam received a 80.5 for her riding IBOP.




5.5 year old Friesian mare

Andries MFR x Teade Sport 392

Dam: Pocahantas

Zen if a 3rd premie studbook mare, out of the Andries MFR, who shares his long mane, tail and feathers! Her dam is a very highly rated CROWN mare. Started under saddle and continuing with training.

Dawn MFR



3 year old Friesian filly

Doaitsen 420 Sport x Onne 376

Dam: Anisha

Dawn's sire, Doaitsen 420 Sport, was USEF CHAMPION FRIESIAN SIRE of 2016 and 2017 AND her half brother is invited to the 70 day test in North America!
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